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"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good..."

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Jerrie Brooks: Indie Author

Jerrie Norris Brooks is a writer and an encourager. She began her career as a professional librarian working with community residents in Massachusetts and Georgia.  After a career transition, she leveraged her gifts for writing and teaching as a trainer and program administrator in business and government. However, she found her niche in non-profits and higher education, developing and piloting model community-based career development and mentoring programs and providing post-secondary school success services for students. An avid volunteer, she also used her writing and teaching skills as a church school teacher and leader, founder of a community scholarship foundation, and writer for her church’s senior newsletter.

Writing has been one of the constants in her life.  In 1984, G. K. Hall published her first book, Presenting Rosa Guy, a bio-critical study of the late West Indian American author Rosa Guy. A revised paperback edition of the book was released by Dell in 1988. She has also been a book reviewer for The Christian Science Monitor and edited a book review column for The Advocate, the journal of The Southeastern Advocates of Literature for Children.

Treasures in Secret Places, her latest book, and first self-published work, marks her debut in the religious market.  As a woman of faith, she is excited about writing to encourage others and witnessing to the power of God's Word. She is also pleased to add her voice to the growing chorus of believing women of color who are writing to tell their unique stories as a testimony and a legacy "so those not yet born will praise God" (Psalms 102:18 MSG).

A native Georgian, she completed her higher education in New England, earning her undergraduate degree from Smith College and her Master’s from Simmons College.  Now happily retired, she shares her life with her husband and two dogs in a small town just outside Atlanta. In addition to her writing, she gardens, is active in her church and continues to support community education and scholarship programs.

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What I believe:
Life is a journey, and by faith and the light of God’s Word, we can walk it out, peacefully, productively, and joyfully, to the glory of God!

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